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mkny's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

it's all anecdotal, fuelled by her particular neurosis x
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[09 Mar 2010|12:51pm]

I miss writing. Almost too much.
Does anybody read LJ still?

(Make A Killing)

Here's To Friends! [29 Sep 2009|07:15am]

Last night I told a close friend about my goals in life.
Half expecting him to give me quite the lecture,
(this purely based on my last attempt with a friend)
needless to say he didn't.

Instead he said the things that reminded
me of just how loving a person he is.
Very sweet indeed.


(Make A Killing)

Dexter Loves Pan Bread! [31 Aug 2009|08:41pm]

Sitting on the couch.
Amber's outside having a cigarette.
Milo was sitting on her house I made for her out of a popcorn box.
Amber's mouse (yet to be named) is running in the wheel.
From time to time the mice tandem run!

Dexter & Scout, our beautiful Tiel's are sleeping.
Dexter is going through some serious molting (they're both still babies).
He's slowly picking up on the whistle song from Kill Bill that I've been whistling.

Not writing in LJ much - not writing much at all actually.
Our mice had their nap & are playing!

Tomorrow is a day I am looking forward to!

Love to all


(Make A Killing)

The only car you've ever owned was yellow. [17 Jul 2009|08:50am]

Well, we're in a new place now. Loving it.
The owners (who live upstairs) are beyond kind.
We have two cockatiels, Dexter (mine) & Scout (Amber's).
I didn't really know what owning a bird would be like -
having never had one before, let me start with, it's AMAZING!
I love it when Dexter sits on my shoulder & talks with me.
We hand fed them the other day - they're getting comfortable with us,
which is most rewarding.
The owners also have two staffy puppies, that I go outside & play with.
One of them is pretty good @ fetch, the other just likes to molest my leg!
Very cute!

All in all - this change is doing me a world of good!


(Make A Killing)

A practical exchange or a trade for the truth [07 Jul 2009|09:22am]

I haven't posted since May. Oops!
Well, Amber's 13 year old nephew is staying with us
till wednesday. We went to WWE RAW LIVE on sunday night
& it was so awesome! Unbelievable! Very worth it!
Other than that - we'll be moving very soon.
Got to do the whole packing thing, which isn't the most fun!
Also been spending a lot of time with little Layla.
Love to all

(Make A Killing)

You pick the storm, or you pick the shore [31 May 2009|05:49am]

I have been awake since 12.53. Not feeling well at all.
I spent the majority of my morning on the couch watching The Simpsons.
I didn't want to disturb Amber, who is currently still fast asleep.
We actually celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday.
It's surprising considering my previous r'ships,
even after all this time, we're still crazy about one another.
There's a lot of love & understanding.
I dare say it's perfect,
she's perfect.


Off to music now.

(Make A Killing)

[25 May 2009|03:01pm]

I woke up this morning
& have been writing ever since.
I'm writing about my experiences in life.
Friends, girls, that stuff.
If you're reading this & you've been there w/ me.
Then you're probably in it.

(Make A Killing)

Flow sweetly, hang heavy [18 Apr 2009|06:16am]

I woke up @ 4am this morning. Totally not by choice.
Pains woke me up - Amber's investigating it.
She thinks there is something very wrong w/ me.
I guess I should head to the doctor.
It's funny how this has been going on for several years
& it's not until someone says that it doesn't sound right
that you begin to think yourself that it's really not.

Well I'm not tired currently.
My body is aching all over.
Nothing a little 'Hysteria' won't fix.
Yeah Yeah Yeah's new album is amazingly beautiful.
Released at a perfect time in my life.

I don't honestly have much to say.
23 soon, not overly excited.
I am far more confident w/ my niece Layla.
Growing up without kids around
has rendered me almost useless.
It's a bit disheartening.

Anyway I got a lot of confidence yesterday.
I was walking around the shopping centre w/ Layla in a sling,
Amber couldn't get the smile off her face.
Amber's mum & older sister were off shopping
& the new mother Louise, got some pampering.
I never realised how hard it is to find time for yourself
when a little bub is around.

I have to say, some women gave me glares.
Maybe they thought I was too young?
I honestly didn't understand it.
The smiles outweighed the glares.
Perhaps if Amber was holding my hand
then we would get more glares.
The important thing is that I didn't even care
what people were thinking because
I was all about the bub.


(Make A Killing)

[10 Mar 2009|05:29pm]

Why can't I find Metric's Old World Underground Where Are You Now CD anywhere??
Sigh. I want it so badly. *sad face*

(Make A Killing)

[16 Feb 2009|05:54pm]

I am le sick.
I have been for almost a week.
It's not fun - hence my lack in updating.
Then again, not many people have
been updating themselves.


(2 Epitaphs | Make A Killing)

[06 Jan 2009|06:27am]

So I've taken a lot of photos over the holiday period.
Granted unlike most people - I'm back to work next work. Mwahahaha.

I think I mentioned that for me this Christmas was spent with some of Amber's family.
New Year's Eve we drove up to Rockhampton. Pretty nice drive - it was good to finally
be on a road trip. Anyway we stayed @ Amber's older sister Renee's place.
We didn't notice until we got out of the nicely air-conditioned car
that it was nearing like 49.4 degrees! It was so fucking hot.
I read later that it was a heatwave & it lasted two days & then it rained.

We didn't do everything that I would have liked to do there, but I'm sure
we'll go back - I think we both just really missed our bed.
So on the trip back - it started raining the closer we came to Brisbane.
On the homestretch too - there were huge delays on the highway. It totally sucked.
At several points the car was stationary.

Anyway, off to see Twilight today. WOHOO!!


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Nikon D60! SNAP! [19 Nov 2008|06:48pm]

(Make A Killing)

[21 Oct 2008|04:03pm]

I love my girl.
I don't care if I write about that right now.
Let's face it - when things are going to shit, she keeps me sane.
She loves me at my most negative.
Most of all she can actually pull me
out of those grey areas.

I want to buy a house.
Mmmm that'd be fucking amazing!

Now to watch the L word.

P.S I love my friends at work.
So much!


(1 Epitaph | Make A Killing)

[12 Oct 2008|12:22pm]

I love sundays.
I love overcast rainy days.
I love chit-chatting on msn.
I love watching Grey's Anatomy.

I wish I could say
what I really want to say.


(Make A Killing)

[15 Sep 2008|10:46am]

Love. I'm still very happy in love. We hosted a birthday lunch yesterday for my brother's 25th. It was awesome & I really enjoyed myself as did everyone else.

We will finally have a weekend off together. That's right. Next weekend we're going on a movie date. I have no idea what we'll be seeing but I'm looking so very forward to it. I'm also waiting for the next long weeked to come up. I would love love love to take a roadtrip with Amber soon.

This was only a quick post, because Jaime will be over soon.
No idea what we're doing, but it'll just be awesome to see him & claim many a hugs.

Take care all

(Make A Killing)

[28 Aug 2008|06:22pm]

So, one of our own has inspired me.
I'm sure you've all heard,
hell, unless you've been living under a rock,
it would be surprising that you didn't hear about
Matthew Mitcham's world record & gold medal win.

I know him fondly as Matty.
Back in the day - a bunch of us would spend our days
in the city - after going to Open Doors.
Just hanging out - what kids do.
Except we were all gay & it was really awesome.
Such a fucking tight-knit group.

I don't know what to say or where to begin.
But I feel like he's inspired me.
I remember he'd always be leaving for training
& he always wanted to stay longer to hang out with us.
I think it's cool that I can look back on those memories.

Scottie texted me telling me that Matty had won a gold medal
when I was in Melbourne & when I
turned the tv on I realised he'd also made a world record.
The kid I used to hang out with.
Who always did his crazy eyes.
Who I filmed in King George Square
doing flips in the air.
Who one day, just for the hell of it.
Walked into a $2 store & jumped into a barrell of soft toys.
It was awesome fun.

Much love to Matty.
We're all so fucking proud of him!

(Make A Killing)

[16 Aug 2008|09:38am]

Ramifications of a week not spent @ work.
One & quite possibly the only cause of this anxiety.
Why have I not stepped foot in work for a week.
It's been a hectic week.

Monday morning.
Dressed & ready for work.
Amber was crying let's say manically.
Her cyst had gotten infected. Yes.
Drove her to hospital.
Then for the next 16 hours of my life.
I waited. I cried.
While she had some emergency surgery.
Most of all I just waited till they would
let me see her again.

She was meant to come home that day.
They fucked something up.
So she got sick from something they had given her.

I went home exhausted.
Everyone had been calling me.
Her mother & I when not on the phone,
were constantly texting one another.

I don't want to step foot in another hospital
for a very long time.

Anyway - the week has been spent looking after her.
I won't regret any of it.
Because ultimately I feel I have done the right thing.
Work knows about it & if they crack up, then fuck them.
In the same situation - I wonder what they'd do.

We're off to Melbourne tomorrow.
Which is good.
She can be with her family
& my head can relax somewhat.

I am exhausted.

(Make A Killing)

[26 Jul 2008|04:35pm]


Actually - we're hoping to move some stuff tonight.
I won't go into details, only so much you can talk
about when it comes to moving.

It's still very exciting though.
I've spent today doing washing & packing.
Amber's been at work.
She'll be home in like an hour.

I'm excited about moving.
The new place.
I'm tired already.
My neck totally locked up before.
Stupid neck.

There was no point
in writing today.


(Make A Killing)

*smiles* [16 Jul 2008|04:13pm]
Exhausted. The week is almost over. Batman has to be seen soon. I'm very very excited. I dig Batman, the series, the cartoons, the movies, the new movies. I am a Batfan. Yes that sounded geeky. I don't care.

So work was dead - which was okay but then made worse by losing telephony. Whenever telephony goes down, work becomes frustrating. Anyway I got to race out of there come 1430. Then I had to go get some groceries & cook fried rice & probably have a late night, because Amber's friend was coming over.

Got home & Amber had called me to let me know that her friend wasn't coming over & that we were getting takeout for dinner. Relief. Yessss! I don't want to cook tonight. I'm tired & I don't feel much like entertaining either. So now I'm at home enjoying Foxtel.

Daydreaming about the apartment we'll be moving into. We saw it yesterday, it's so gorgeous. The kitchen is immaculate. The main bedroom with it's ensuite is also incredible. I am very much looking forward to this becoming our new home. I'd really quite enjoy my tax return at the moment. I forgot that was something that I was annoyed at today. I really just want to lodge my tax. I'm impatient - because I wanted the money for around moving time. Oh well. Hopefully we'll get them this week at least.

Back to daydreaming *smiles*


(Make A Killing)

APARTMENT! [10 Jul 2008|03:00pm]


So today we found out that the apartment across the from the townhouse we're in now - is available & moreso that it's ours. So we have somewhere to live when our lease ends. It gets better. The apartment is not on the market AT ALL. Unlike the earlier months in our townhouse where we'd have like 50 bajillion people coming through our house at the most inappropriate times. So no more of that. The 2 weeks rent is now the only thing to frazzle my mind. I expect to be rather broke for this remaining week & the next week. I have my car in for a service on Monday, not that my car is in bad shape & all. I just know it'll cost some $$$. Oh well I have mi goreng, I won't starve. Infact we have a lot of food - so I'm not worried. I am totally waiting on my work bonus though & my group certificate so I can do my tax return. Which means a new fridge & a 42" (106cm) plasma tv! WOOT WOOT WOOT! I'm pretty excited about that. That's life & Amber finishes work in an hour! HOORAY!

Hope everyone is well x

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